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Gabrijela Ševerdija


That's why you should:

LISTEN to English - watch movies and TV series, YouTube videos, listen to music 

READ in English - it doesn't matter what - just read

SPEAK English (with your teacher, your friends, in person or online)

and, most importantly...

NOT GIVE UP - everything takes time



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Useful websites


If you need simple explanations and tasks to practice tenses (vremena - present simple, past simple..), try this site


Find out definitions and synonyms (words that have the same or similar meaning) of words you don't know


Translate a word from Croatian into English or vice versa (obrnuto) and hear how it is pronunced




Raspored dopunske i dodatne nastave



5. razredi

7. razredi

Dopunska nastava:



Dodatna nastava:





Grade 5








Grade 7





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